Van Aerschot

My latest compositions

Hello, I compose soundtracks, instrumentals and eclectic tracks. Here are my latest compositions for piano, orchestrals and sometimes with electronic parts. 



"Solar" Official Selection at LHIFF Barcelona International Film Festival

The film "Solar" directed by Gaspard Le Dourner, for which I composed the music is in official selection at the LHIFF Barcelona International Film Festival. 

"Souvenirs de la Roumanie"

As part of the Montreal international film scoring competition 2021, I composed & performed this piano music called "wind pianos" on the animation movie "Souvenirs de La Roumanie" by Cassandra Calin : 




Score The World contest

I participate in the "Score The World 2" soundtrack contest, here is what I've composed:




The Queen's Gambit 
- musical rework -

I love this serie and I've recomposed the soundtrack for this extract as a rescore exercice.





















Photographies by Michael Libois