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Image by Robin Dutrieux - Music by Julien Van Aerschot



"L'immatériel danse" (from the film by Max Decamps / ENS Louis-Lumière 2023) 

I composed & performed the music soundtrack for this beautiful short film directed by Max Decamps for his graduation work at ENS Louis-Lumière (Paris). 
Here are some extracts : 


"Windfall" rescore

As a détournement exercise, I've re-composed the music to give another reading to this fascinating intro scene in Windfall movie. 

(this footage is for strictly personal use and may not be shared outside of this page)

Bridgerton Scoring Competition

Here is my entry to Bridgerton Scoring Competition. I composed and arranged this epic orchestral music for this extract from the "Bridgerton" series:


The Queen's Gambit : musical rework

I've recomposed the soundtrack for this extract as a rescore exercise.

Souvenirs de la Roumanie

As part of the Montreal international film scoring competition 2021, I composed & performed this piano music called "wind pianos" on the animation movie "Souvenirs de La Roumanie" by Cassandra Calin :

Indie Film Musical Contest

Music composition for this teaser

I've composed the soundtrack for this teaser called "Dans l'ombre de Thomas H." 


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